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Nigerian American Musician, OWO Releases New Visual, “Think You Are”

Nigerian American Musician, OWO Releases New Visual, “Think You Are”

Tuesday, 18 August 2020
New Music

Nigerian-American, OWO delivers “Think You Are,” a reflective anthem packed with sharp delivery and a rhythmically smooth beat. OWO transitions from righteous takedowns of an ex lover to reflective moments of becoming a beautifully better version of herself. Her emotive voice is cutting, meditative, and triumphant atop Big H’s effortless and effective production.

The music video, a collaboration with Ade Alao, highlights the intricacies of the female form, topped off with grainy soft focus. The overall effect is cool-toned with a calming but closed-off and slightly melancholy vibe, perfectly matching the song. The stripped-down nature of the video, which only features the artist herself in her own living room, highlights her emotions and solidifies her promise to remember her own worth. “Think You Are” is the perfect self-love tune with enough edge to please anyone who has ever had a significant other who just wasn’t worth their time.

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