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Steve Young Releases New EP, “Son of a Gun”

Steve Young Releases New EP, “Son of a Gun”

Saturday, 15 August 2020

Born and raised in Washington Heights, Steve Young has been writing since the age of 16. Making music has always been therapeutic for him. It’s a place where he can freely express himself and relate to others.

Steve Young now shares his most recent project titled, “Son of a Gun.” He released the visual for the hit track, “Like That.” In the opening scene as he turns up on the block he stares into the camera and explains why is he really like that. Throughout the entire tape he displays how much a diverse artist he can be. He shared some of his life experiences that he used as a source inspiration to make this project.

He delivers raw, brutally honest lyrics over New Yorks’ new drill sound. Young is opening a window to the realities of street life in his neighborhood Washington Heights. From gritty street anthems like “Hit Something” to party records like “Big Bank” Steve Young delivers words that will completely transform the listener’s environment.

Stream “Son of a Gun” here!

Watch “Like That” below!

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