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Vic Rivers Releases New Single, “Buena Vista”

Vic Rivers Releases New Single, “Buena Vista”

Thursday, 06 August 2020

Vic Rivers is an emerging independent hip hop artist from Queens, New York. Rivers wants the world to know he has no boundaries when it comes to making diverse music. Finding solace in many different genres, his flow and cadence prove that his a force to be reckon with. Rivers releases his new single titled, “Buena Vista,” which means good view in Spanish. It was inspired by his previous affair. He opens up about his true feelings, in a complicated situation where he start to date his friend who was in a relationship. His creative process consists of him writing a verse to the chorus to create a themed song. He prefers to have the feature vocalist write and record first. His music has a cinematic feel to the production with cohesive storytelling formats. Rivers expressed how music has helped him deal with depression, so he strives to make records built around love, mental health and finding self purpose. His unique style of music includes different factors such as no profanity or samples.

Check it out here!

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