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Poppy Morg Delivers New EP, “Farewell”

Poppy Morg Delivers New EP, “Farewell”

Thursday, 06 August 2020
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The Bronx, New York is the capital of Hip Hop. Several multi talented artists become passionate about the art of music at an early age. Born and raised in the Bronx, Poppy Morg has been making a name for himself. The 29 year old emcee grew up listening to The Temptations, Shaniah Twain, Jay-z, 50 Cent and DMX. His first solo project was releases in 2012 titled, “RTG.” With all the positive feedback it inspired him to perfect his craft to reach new pinnacles.

He now releases his latest project “Farewell.” Morg also delivered the visual for the hit single, “Don’t Let Them Tell You No.” In the opening scenes, he stands in the street outside the train station on the infamous White Plains Road. He begins to recite encouraging lyrics about not taking no for an answer. Throughout the song he openly motivates women to be great.

This record was inspired by beautiful women of the world. Especially our black and brown women. Morg wanted to push the message that our women need to continue to be resilient in the world and times we are living in. He makes music that is empowering and authentic. His creative process consists of him delivering messages through the different visions he is inspired by. He strives to make feel good music that is timeless and relatable to his listeners.

Listen to “Farewell” here!

Watch “Don’t Let Them Tell You Know”

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