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Versus.xx – “wings.xx”

Versus.xx – “wings.xx”

Thursday, 23 July 2020
New Music

22-year-old Azusa, California recording artist Versus.xx is on the verge of becoming the next big thing in music. He’s charismatic, consistent, electrifying and creative. Today, the rising star drops his new cross-genre track, titled, “wings.xx.”

The dance-friendly hip hop cut is a multi-cultural dream song about enduring life’s many daily issues. Versus.xx reminds us throughout the track that we are not alone and to believe in the faith which watches over all of us. It’s ideally Versus.xx best track yet.

“Some days life tests us and flips our whole world upside down,” he says. “As much as you want to fight back, we must remind ourselves to just trust; and follow the river’s current…This song is a reminder to myself that my angels have more hands on the wheel than me, and I have to trust them.”

Listen to “wings.xx” now on Spotify. After the stream, follow Versus.xx on Instagram.


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