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glvsshouse – “Broken & Lost”

glvsshouse – “Broken & Lost”

Thursday, 23 July 2020
New Music

Last year, Los Angeles recording artist glvsshouse built undeniable popularity with his magnetic sound and the recent hit, “games.” The irrefutable energy from the new artist received praise from one of music’s biggest names in superproducer Pharrell Williams. And with Skateboard P adding glvsshouse to his new compilation project, titled, I Am Other Vol.1. glvsshouse contributes with an exciting new song, titled “Broken & Lost.”

His most authentic song yet, he delves into his past darkness and describes the hold it has on you and how difficult it is to overcome. “Broken & Lost” is powerful, creative, engaging and so much more. It’s the perfect origin point for newfound fans whom will experience new music from glvsshouse and their favorite artists.

On making the new single, glvsshouse explains: “‘Broken & Lost’ is raw to me. It captures a stage in my life where self-destruction and addiction shattered relationships (both) new and old. Hopefully, this is something other people can relate to.”

Out now on all streaming platforms. I Am Other Vol.1 is also available now on Soundcloud. The ten-song project features guest appearances by KOTA The Friend, Ruuth, Mophead and many more. For more on glvsshouse, follow the new star on Instagram.

Take a listen to the new song now.


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