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[Music Video] King Beli ft. Renni Rucci & B.W.A – “Juice Her Up”

[Music Video] King Beli ft. Renni Rucci & B.W.A – “Juice Her Up”

Wednesday, 15 July 2020
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King Beli is an inevitable new artist destined to reach the top of the genre in 2020 with his popular songs like “Smackdown” and his newest single, “Juice Her Up.”

As the song creeps onto airwaves nationwide, Beli and the crew invites us to an NSFW swim party for the new visual of his new single, “Juice Her Up.” Swim good, the snappy and street-smart new rapper is drowning in women at the party which can’t get enough of him. Powerfully stylish Renni Rucci and B.W.A appear in the visual for their guest verses with fiery raps and iced-out jewelry.

Watch it below. “Juice Her Up” is King Beli’s breakout single and sets up his highly-anticipated new debut album, arriving late-2020 on Derty North Entertainment. Beli’s new song is produced by Dee Money. For more on King Beli, follow the new sensation on Instagram.

Renni Rucci appears courtesy of Wolf Pack Global Music Group.


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