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EBE Ka$tro – Blame It On Fidel (Project Stream)

EBE Ka$tro – Blame It On Fidel (Project Stream)

Tuesday, 07 July 2020

Virginia is undeniably on a rise in creative energy with new resources coming back to the area through its homegrown success stories. Rising talents like Fidel Ka$tro are aiming to make their own mark in VA music history, and he’s starting out on his pathway with his brand new project release “Blame It on Fidel”. Though many can relate to his style of rap through artists alike, his message is unique to his journey, and his latest release epitomizes the essence of that with 9 tracks.

“I put all my experiences and emotions into my music so that the people who can relate have a playlist.” -Ka$tro

His latest soundtrack to life is now available via all streaming services. Tune in below for the latest.



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