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New Music: Thousand Times, Wiggi Music, Shane Hush – “Paper Planes”

New Music: Thousand Times, Wiggi Music, Shane Hush – “Paper Planes”

Sunday, 05 July 2020
New Music

Hailing from Charlotte, Thousand Times created a legacy as a production entity known for groundbreaking down barriers and creating a lane for the future of the region’s hip hop. And with Wiggi Music and Shane Hush, the three-headed sensation continues to make history with the new song, titled, “Paper Planes.”

“Paper Planes” is another outstanding musical production and powerful songs that uplift the human spirit. Available on the popular United Masters, Wiggi Music’s outlandish live performances and marketing techniques or Shane Hush’s booty-shaking instrumentals they duo have crafted a musical partnership that is born from a long-lasting friendship. Wiggi Music and Shane Hush are some of the Queen Cities’ most recognizable acts.

“Paper Planes” is streaming now everywhere. For more on the fast-rising group, follow them today on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Take a listen to “Paper Planes” now.


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