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Doley Bernays Speaks From The Soul In New 3 Pack, “Hard Raising Black Boys”

Doley Bernays Speaks From The Soul In New 3 Pack, “Hard Raising Black Boys”

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

2020 has been such an awakening year for the black community. With the recent unfortunate events it has become more of
a challenge to raise our black men. Doley Bernays shares his personal experience in new three pack titled, “Hard Raising Black Boys.”

In the first record, “Deaths Going Viral” Bernay’s speaks about risking his freedom just to survive. The struggle of knowing that the police can take his life due to the color of his skin or by people around him with the same skin color.

America might kill me as far as I know/ I’ve been risking freedom for survival/ Gotta keep a gun where I go/ Not tryna get killed by the cops or killed by my ops”

The next track, speaks for itself,
“Hard Raising Black Boys.” It is a obstacle many black parents must overcome. Raising a black son of his own has opened his eyes to our harsh reality. Trying to teach him certain experiences that only life can show you. Bernays also relates to how difficult it is to witness black mothers continuously bury their children.

I see a black momma that’s crying/ I hear sirens, black Boys are dying/ I see a black mother that’s crying I feel like crying but ima hold it in/ two weeks later another mom on the news here we go again”

“So Far From Home” closes out the pack with a soulful vibe. The Bronx emcee explains how he can be so close to home but yet feel so far way. He explains wanting the best for his son so he doesn’t make the mistakes he made.

Don’t want him in the trap house serving addicts like his daddy/ I don’t really want for my junior/ my momma really ain’t want that for me but it still grabbed me……I’m tryna raise a King, not a savage. “

During tough times, many rely on Bernay’s music to comfort them. It gives them hope and some understanding to what’s going on around them. Doley let his heart bleed through the entire project. His music is like a time machine that carries your emotions. You become attached to the lyrics the more you listen. He displays more layers of his personality to explain why it is so hard to raise black men.

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