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Brooklyn Based Rapper Scores 3 Chart Positions On His Opening Day! How Did It Happen?

Brooklyn Based Rapper Scores 3 Chart Positions On His Opening Day! How Did It Happen?

Wednesday, 17 June 2020
New Music

Brooklyn Native 8rooklyn 8atman drops his forthcoming release, Chitty Bang. Chitty Bang delivers an uptempo essence, carrying 8atman’s vigor cadence to the forefront.

8rooklyn 8atman (@8rooklyn_8atman) has a neoteric sound that could be fused with the blends of Pop Smoke and the story telling indicative with Nas. 8atman is constructing his latest ep Dark Avenger,which features his hit song  Chitty Bang (produced by @DreDaMost)Chitty Bang is available on all streaming platforms.
IMG_4121Chitty Bang is currently soaring up the global digital radio charts and is currently at #25 on the Top 50 R&B/ Hip Hop global charts.

We  reached out to 8atman’s publicist Leasah Sparks (@LeasahSparks) for confirmation of these stats. In less than an hour the response came back with links of every chart along with a spreadsheet of 20+ radio stations across the country that are supporting Chitty Bang.

After confirming this information with his head radio promoter Michael DeBarge (@MichaelDeBarge) we discovered that Chitty Bang is in it’s third consecutive week and shows absolutely no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Rumor has it that 8rooklyn 8atman is putting the finishing touches on his forthcoming EP Dark Avenger.



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