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New Music: Curtis Mayz – “Dancin With Demons”

New Music: Curtis Mayz – “Dancin With Demons”

Sunday, 31 May 2020
New Music

Last August, Texas newcomer Curtis Mayz made his big debut with the popular hit, “Fortune Lane.” Mayz and his electrifying flow soared to the top of the biggest headlines in Hip-Hop media. Now he is back with another potentially meteoric hit in the new single, “Dancin With Demons.”

Produced by the talented IsmaBeatz, the new single is a deep-layered musical presentation filled with creative metaphors to explain the pursuit of freedom. On the track, Mayz boasts, “… gotta get high tryna get off the low, gotta get free tryna get off the boat.” Still fairly new, Curtis Mayz latest is a prime example of the white-hot future he possesses behind the beats and rhymes.

“Dancin With Demons” is a first look at the promising full-length by the buzzing act on the way later this year. The soon-to-be-released Car Tunes will detail the internal struggles we as humans face daily unbeknownst to the world. For updates on the forthcoming album and more, follow the rising star today on Twitter. Stream “Dancin With Demons” now on CMG.


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