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[Music Video] Bobby Fishscale – “Blue Cheese”

[Music Video] Bobby Fishscale – “Blue Cheese”

Monday, 11 May 2020
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Born in Quincy, Florida, Bobby Fishscale is no stranger to hustle and flows as he was raised under his father’s musical guidance. With a mix of growing up watching the lifestyle of a popular DJ and living in the projects, Bobby sought refuge in music and street politics where his music reflects this lifestyle and influences.

Known for his flawless delivery and cutting edge lyricism, Bobby Fishscale grabbed the attention of popular social influencers, hip hop platforms and blogs where they praised his stab on “Hov Flow” over Jay-Z & Eminem’s ‘Renegade’ beat. Soon after he dropped his debut mixtape called “Big Fish” stirring up a bidding war amongst record labels.

Bobby Fishscale has a promising career ahead of him as he continues to garner thousands of followers daily across the globe with elite recognition for his ability to spit fire over notable beats. Expect the unexpected in the upcoming weeks as he continues to release music, content and gearing up for his debut project.

“Blue Cheese” appears on Bobby’s new project, Supa Fishy, available now on Fishscale Family LLC.



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