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[Music Video] Rari – “Not What It Seems”

[Music Video] Rari – “Not What It Seems”

Monday, 27 April 2020
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Best known for his 2018 hit, “The Realest,” the new Virginia recording artist Rari operates himself from the rest of the pack in new single, “Not What It Seems”. Produced by HighDefRazjah and Johnny Juliano, the new track takes Rari into all-new territory.

In the video, Rari hits up NYC’s infamous Chinatown to find himself and figure out his next move while wandering the street to find the necessary answers. Impressive from beginning to end, Rari displays his designer style flow is magnetic, exciting and must-hear. The song is built to establish confidence and a never-die attitude.

“This track is a motivational anthem for anybody feeling like all their hard work has been in vain,” Rari said. “I think everyone can relate to being an underdog. Johnny Juliano & HighDefRazjah found a sound for me to deliver the message and now it’s time to make my mark.”

The new song follows “Live in the Garden” and “New Habits”. PDGRFX direct.

Watch it now, “Not What It Seems” is streaming on all DSP.


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