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New Music: The LondonBoys96 – “Not Fair”

New Music: The LondonBoys96 – “Not Fair”

Thursday, 23 April 2020
New Music

Houston-by-way-of-United Kingdom duo The LondonBoys96 is eager to emerge as the next big thing in today’s Hip-Hop. For their first global presentation, the duo of Ocholondon and JeSuis I’Art release the trendy new single, titled, “Not Fair”. The track highlights their interchangeable flows that they melodically lace over the production.

The LondonBoys96’s Ocho on “Not Fair”:
“Jesuis made the beat in minutes and we instantly jumped on the track; a week later we flew to Chicago and shot the video. Given most of America is home during these times we felt this track was something catchy that our fans could vibe too and even get creative with dance challenges.”

About the new group. Their name pays homage to what they feel was one of the most influential years of Hip Hop and this era also influenced them to pursue their passion. Their sound blends a variety of genres into a radio-friendly sound destined to reach the top of the charts. Stream the new song now.

For more on the LondonBoys96, follow them on Instagram.


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