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New Music: Kirk Sessions – “Blind”

New Music: Kirk Sessions – “Blind”

Thursday, 23 April 2020
New Music

Following the same footsteps as the greats before him like Moneybag Yo, Yo Gotti and Young Dolph. New Memphis rapper Kirk Sessions makes his breakout debut in the release of the intriguing first single, titled, “Blind”. A melodic and soulful Hip-Hop style, Sessions preps for a Spring project release with a personal story.

On “Blind,” Kirk Sessions speaks on personal trauma after being betrayed by those closest to him. In disbelief, sorrow and anger, Sessions must address the situation whole-heartedly to cleanse himself and move on. The song is relatable by many on multiple levels. Building a connection that will resonate in future releases.

Follow the rising star on social media, “Blind” is the perfect start for both the artist and newfound fans alike. “My inspiration for ‘Blind’ came from being crossed and stabbed in the back by friends/family while I was at my lowest in life,” Sessions says. I was Blinded by love and at times showing too much love.”

Stream the debut single below.


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