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New Music: Big Jone$ “Winners Can’t Lose”

New Music: Big Jone$ “Winners Can’t Lose”

Friday, 17 April 2020
New Music

Born and raised in Seattle, WA, 24 year old Big Jones is known for his high energy and dope flow. He carries a distinct cadence that follows him. With his unique sounds, he uses music to tell his story. He pulls his influences from like Nipsey Hussle, Drake and Jay-Z. “Winners Can’t Lose” is his 10th complete body of work that has been released. Jones’ main source of inspiration is his two daughters. They motivate him to reach new levels in his career and he talks about that in this project. He briefly explained to us his creative process behind this all:

“I felt the urge to remind people that they are winners in life, and when you’re a winner you can’t lose. It’s a mentality one must have. I wrote all of the songs for this project with one thing in mind… will this make a listener want more? And I found myself saying “yes” to every song I wrote. My sound is versatile , I have a wide range of songs and sing styles I can create. At times I attack the mic like Meek Mill, at times I give you substance with a hard beat like Nipsey, and sometimes I just want to make feel good music like ME! I want them to feel like they too are winners in this life we live. Being the best version of yourself & never giving yourself excuses. I have a distinct sound, I am able to mesh Will with just about any artist and any beat or sound. I have a great mix of talent and humbleness which keeps me level headed and aware of the way I use my gift. I incorporate life challenges in by mentioning a spot in my life’s journey where something may have not have been so good. But I do it not in a way of sadness or pity but a way of overcoming and defeating an obstacle.”

Click below to stream “Winners Can’t Lose”

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