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Bobby Fishscale – Super Fishy (LP)

Bobby Fishscale – Super Fishy (LP)

Tuesday, 14 April 2020
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The Dirty South has a new addiction flooding the streets.

Bobby Fishscale, a fast-rising new Florida recording artist, prepares for global superstardom with his fast-moving new single, “Blue Cheese” and promising new album, properly-titled, Super Fishy. Built a huge fanbase on Instagram, the Quincy-native delivers an explosive street-smart collection that makes the new star one of this year’s buzzworthy new artists.

The 11-tracks where Bobby showcases impressive collections of introspective flows accompanied by infectious trap-like production. The project’s conspicuous records include “Da Wake Up” that samples Luniz “I Got 5 On It” and “Beat The Odds”. “Blue Cheese,” the project’s lead, is his defining moment where he cleverly thumbs through a melodic beat counting hundred dollar bills.

Initial reaction, the new album speaks volumes and showcases a new hotspot bubbling outside of Miami. Sticking to a trending subject matter and lingo, Bobby Fishscale makes a standout first impression that will be discussed for the rest of 2020. Watch the making of “Blue Cheese” above and stream the new album by the next big Florida superstar now.


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