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New Music: Keith Canva$ – “Psyche”

New Music: Keith Canva$ – “Psyche”

Monday, 30 March 2020
New Music

A young crafty Portland rapper Keith Canva$ singlehandedly brought the region to Hip Hop mainstream in today’s music. Based on the idea of Canva$ alongside talented producers Reckless and J. Hixson, the new single “Psyche” speaks into unknown territory as Keith Canva$ stares down the combustion of emotion and desire to see a better future. Creatively, the song showcases a different side that has yet to be exhibited to his grassroots fans where he charts a determined course through compelling tones, self-reflecting wordplay and humiliations to become an out the ordinary recording artist.

“Psyche” follows up Canva$ previous release, “Met In Hell,” a song that has accumulated over 500,000 streams. “Psyche” is available now via Burn Money Music. For everything Keith Canva$, follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

Stream “Psyche” by Keith Canva$ below.


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