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New Music: Puku – “In These Streets”

New Music: Puku – “In These Streets”

Thursday, 05 March 2020
New Music

Miami recording artist Puku is a new tyrant in Hip Hop. Self-made, strong will, and ill-minded on the mic, he continuously releases music that fans enjoy and converts new listeners with daily. Today, we receive the latest track from the rising star in “In These Streets.” A track about superficial women and the natural light they bestow.

On making the new song, he says, “Things changed and I’m okay with that. Love ain’t to common in our era, so I might as well get lit with some of the homies and live a little more freely. The second someone gets a chance to leave you for a situation they perceive to be better, they’ll take it without any regard having any regards to you. It ain’t no love in these streets.”

Available on Tell Your People, “In These Streets” is produced by Puku-himself. Want more of Puku? Follow him on Twitter for daily updates and more.

Stream “In These Streets” now.


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