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Preston Waters Displays Versatility in New EP, “Love Waters 2”

Preston Waters Displays Versatility in New EP, “Love Waters 2”

Monday, 17 February 2020

Upcoming creative Preston Waters, is an American Hip Hop artist from Flatbush, Brooklyn. At a young age he started to build computers from scratch with his father. This knowledge and innovative trait would be the shape of his music career.
In 2011, he coined the phrase “TrapSafely” and started a unique movement.

Shortly after he began remixing tracks himself on his laptop and studied more about the real art of music. 2014, he released the “No Face No Case” project on This made the ground work for his next project: “The Lit Tape”. Preston’s success came when he released his second mixtape, Watch No Face The Lit Tape, and with the media publicity and support from the Hip Hop community. He continues to perfect his craft while making relatable music.

His current project shows his unique personality and tells different stories. Each song tell displays a certain viewpoint from his life story. Preston uses music a outlet to express himself and bring people together. The first track, “Kompa Nights,” produces by Muddigold sets the tone of what is to be expected throughout the project. He also worked with a few talented producers like, Judah Hex and Johnny Ice. He briefly discussed the creative process and motivation behind it all:

“This project was inspired by life and situations I’ve encountered at some point in my life . Some parts of growing and maturing as a man, is that we go through things and we either learn from it or live in it..Love was the biggest inspiration for this because love isn’t always peachy has its bumps and bruises.”

Stream/ Download “Love Waters 2” here:

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