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New Music: Charlene Amour – “Thinking Bout You”

New Music: Charlene Amour – “Thinking Bout You”

Saturday, 15 February 2020
New Music

Charlene Amour is a fast-rising Toronto singer/songwriter known for her tremendous talent, beautiful voice and deeply passionate music. Before we get her latest project, the compelling storyteller unveils her new introspective single, titled, “Thinking Bout You”.

The new song is a soulful ballad about building a deep connection between two people. Describing the early days of a relationship and the lasting effect it leaves on a person that will be apart of them forever. Amour’s new single is the follow=up to standout hits, “Temporary” and “Russian Doll”.

On the making of “Thinking Bout You,” Amour explains, “‘Thinking Bout You’ is a song that encompasses emotions from the beginning of a relationship diving deep into what emotions are left in the end and after the relationship is fully over. It really is a song that was inspired through the transitions of emotions through a failed relationship. It was kind of cool writing it because I started writing it thinking it was going to go somewhere else. When I came back to it, I felt differently in comparison to how I felt originally.”

“Thinking Bout You” is a lead up to Amour’s forthcoming four-track EP, titled, My Favorite Summer. Out on Amourxmusic, the upcoming project explores themes of love, heartbreak, lust & sorrow. For more on Charlene Amour, follow the rising star on Twitter and Instagram.

“I love creating soul music. By this I mean, music that speaks to the soul. I want my listeners to be able to feel the story that I am trying to convey,” Charlene Amour tells us. “Music is about creating moments that I will never forget. Ultimately, whenever I am creating a song, I will always remember how I felt when I wrote it, why I wrote it & who played a part in that creation.”

Stream “Thinking Bout You”


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