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Migs718 Releases New Single, “Sharks”

Migs718 Releases New Single, “Sharks”

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Up and coming Hip-Hop Artist MIGS718 releases a new record titled, “Sharks.” This track is to encourage all generations
to reach new pinnacles while perfecting their craft. The track carries an anthem-style structure mixed with authentic lyrics.

Migs718 explains how we are all surrounded by sharks but how important it is for us to learn how to move around them. He was raised surrounding by the music industry, attending events with his father MikeLoco was common place as was taking hip-hop dance lessons. This only motivated this creative to begin writing at an early age. He uses music to share his enticing story as inspiration for his creative process. His music tells a story that many vibe out too. With his unique tone and substantial lyrics, music is a tool for him innovative the culture in his own way.

Migs718 explains how success is not based on how many followers you may have but actual people who enjoy and support your music.

“Sharks” shows off his confident and exclusive sound. A soulful melody mixed in with classical bars that persuade you to chase to dreams. When the beat drops you feel the instant vibe. His rare ingenious process makes timeless and authentic music. With his passionate flow this multitalented creative is intended to be one of New York’s most prominent emcees. Migs718 simply creates an expressive record that we all can enjoy.

Displaying his love for hip-hop music he brings new energy of today’s sound to your ears with Sharks!

Stream “Sharks” here!

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