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[Music Video] Kissie Lee Ft. Sammie – “Only You”

[Music Video] Kissie Lee Ft. Sammie – “Only You”

Sunday, 12 January 2020
Music Videos

Delivered hits for some of R&B biggest names today like Jacob Latimore, Jacquees and Jessica Mauboy. Today, Atlanta singer/songwriter/entertainer Kissie Lee campaigns her latest EP, Real, in the release of her new video for the latest single, “Only You”.

Accompanied by fellow Atlanta singer Sammie, Kissie Lee plays an eager lover patiently waiting for the love of her life to arrive. As she waits, Kissie entices her love, who’s heading home, with sexual innuendos and suggestive imagery. The song displays Kissie Lee’s well-known songwriting abilities and is easily recognized as the best track on the album.

Released in late-2018, along with “Only You,” Real includes fellow hits, “Mesmerized” and “Close That Door”. And with the hits, features guest appearances by Keke Wyatt and Natasha Mosely. Stream it now, Real is available today via Dee Money Entertainment. For more on Kissie Lee, follow the new star on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for daily updates.

Watch “Only You” now.


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