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[Music Video] Eman Get Dough – “Beetle Juice”

[Music Video] Eman Get Dough – “Beetle Juice”

Tuesday, 24 December 2019
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A Benny Flash picture. Established Miami rapper Eman Get Dough takes a trip to the darker side of the holidays with his new visual for “Beetle Juice”. A melodic but bass-heavy quick-strike song inspired by one of the greatest eyes in the film, Tim Burton.

Revamping the classic film of the same title, EGD and his love interest share a horror-themed romantic getaway dapped in ice and blue faces. The two are dressed to impress, sporting his signature moniker chains, pinstriped suit jacket, and designer footwear.

“Beetle Juice” follows up previous hits, “Miss You,” “Hop Out” and “Addicted”. “Beetle Juice” is available now on Everybody Get Dough LLC. A forthcoming project is in the works. For more on EGD, follow the rising star on Instagram.

Watch it now.

Really like the song? Check out the live performance below.


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