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New Music: Nia Vox – “Ratchet”

New Music: Nia Vox – “Ratchet”

Tuesday, 17 December 2019
New Music

Fast-rising singer/songwriter/dancer Nia Vox is the next big thing coming out of New York’s thriving music scene. The Manhattan songbird is ready to party on her newest release, titled, “Ratchet”. A feel-good, upbeat, catchy melody, Vox narrates a wild night out with friends in the KYNGS-produced hit.

“‘Ratchet’ was based off a conversation with my best guy friend,” she explains. “A lot of times we would joke about needing to go out to a “ratchet” club to really let loose and have fun. I realized a lot of his female friends started coming to him asking him to help them have a fun, ratchet night as a way to de-stress. I made a joke that he should make a night out service called Ratchet Nights LLC and that I would write him up a jingle. Next thing you know the joke took on a life of it’s own and I wrote a whole song in an hour.”

“Ratchet” is the direct follow up to Vox’s previous release, “Cautious”. Nia Vox was discovered by industry executives shortly after college. Her catchy pop-infused sound has been heard in over 77 countries. For more on Nia Vox, follow the new star on Instagram for daily updates.

To date, the new song has drawn over 47.8k streams.

Stream “Ratchet” now, available via Nia Vox.


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