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LuKING – “Dotted Line”

LuKING – “Dotted Line”

Tuesday, 10 December 2019
New Music

Following his previous effort, “Maxx,” up-and-coming New York recording artist LuKING continues to rise among the ranks of today’s new artists with another breakout hit, titled, “Dotted Line”. With a visual presentation on the way, the new song delivers a smooth and vibrant sound that will intrigue newfound fans looking for the next big star.

LuKing on making “Dotted Line”:

“I made ‘Dotted Line’ based off real-life situations that may men go through; I also wanted the song to be fitting and relatable for women to vibe with as well.”

LuKing is a versatile artist; seamlessly blending hip hop with R&B and pairing it with thought-provoking lyrics. Stream “Dotted Line” now via LuKing Music.


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