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Universal Language Entertainment Drops ‘Sound Shape Color’

Universal Language Entertainment Drops ‘Sound Shape Color’

Wednesday, 04 December 2019
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Universal Language Entertainment Presents ‘Sound Shape Color’ album featuring Proximity, WindchILL,
Buddhakai, Shawn Keys, Geoff Grey, 5Ve, Small Hands, DJ GaDJet, and Dassaro of Universal Language. The 24-
track album includes special guest appearances from Jade Elise, DJ Steele, and Feather Dawn, and is produced
by Geoff Grey, Grafik, 5Ve, and Shawn Keys.

The highly anticipated album is sure to transcend listeners through a nostalgic Hip Hop experience, highlighting
the lost elements along the way. The diverse and talented collective embody the science of storytelling,
lyricism, rhyme schemes, and chill vibes.

In between ever-changing, potent flows listeners will hear local and global shout outs to the group about the
album as well as their continual contributions to Hip Hop and the culture.
Universal Language haven’t missed a beat or rhyme, and bar for bar raise the caliber to carry authentic Hip
Hop back to the forefront.

The group is available for interviews, appearances, and more. To schedule, connect and reach out below.
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