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Fendi Cruz Turns Into Monster On New Track “Booty”

Fendi Cruz Turns Into Monster On New Track “Booty”

Wednesday, 04 December 2019
New Music

Fendi Cruz released a dynamite track “Booty” that will soon be played all over the place. On the single, the NYC native and the Dominican Republic singer is channeling her Latina vibes on the beat that blends hip-hop and pop. As an outcome, we are served with the highest quality joint.  

Fendi labels herself as a “hustler, Tyga, a lion Mufasa,” and showcases the way everyone around wants to get her attention. Fendi Cruz continues proving the songwriting skills she has already shown on her previous single “Bags.” The track has a quick rhythm, and Fendi perfectly lazes on it her flow that the biggest divas in the industry can be jealous of. Melodically, “Booty” is a catchy hit that can fire the dancefloor. 

Fendi Cruz is currently recording a music video for this monster track, and we are super hyped about it, but for now, listen to “Booty” below and follow this Hermosa on her IG

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