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Watch Frank Vanegas’ New Music Video | “Steady Rise”

Watch Frank Vanegas’ New Music Video | “Steady Rise”

Thursday, 28 November 2019
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Frank Vanegas is back with a new joint and music video titled “Steady Rise”. Raw and honest lyricism are delivered with a dominating confidence by Frank Vanegas, who follows up to “Final Thoughts”, “No Birthday”, and “Stars Align”, all dropped earlier this year. It’s exciting to see an artist deliver great sounds with such maturity, truth, and even more important, with the ability to sustain his sincerity in the music, building a loyal fan base thanks to his striking artistic expression. His evident versatility and vivid creativity is best expressed on “Steady Rise”, and the visuals are here to remind everyone that simplicity means efficiency  and impact.

Jessie Guscott

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  1. Isaiah says:

    How much is it to get a a music video posted

  2. Ligia Michel says:

    Frank, continua con tu perseverancia y actitud positiva, que tienes talento y disciplina
    y asi lograras todas tus metas, adelante, creo en ti, mi adorado hijo.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    siempre estas en mi corazón y en mis pensamientos, te deseo todo lo que una madre puede
    desear a su hijo, mucha suerte pero con la ayuda de Dios para que siempre te ilumine y
    logres tus metas.

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