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‘Hit Yo Brimmin’ Rapper Duse M’$ Releases New Single “Light Up”

‘Hit Yo Brimmin’ Rapper Duse M’$ Releases New Single “Light Up”

Monday, 25 November 2019
New Music

Duse M’$ releases a dope new single, titled “Light Up!” Stream/Download the song using provided link.

DuseM’$ was a troubled youth, birthed to a hustling mother and a gangster father. Although intelligent, Duse M’$, like his father, became heavily entrenched in the South Central LA gang culture, joining the notorious Bloods. As a result and to no surprise, he racked up numerous arrests, serving time in juvenile hall, camp, and C.Y.A. for assault with a deadly weapon. Frustrated with becoming just another statistic, a black male in a perpetual cycle of incarceration, DuseM’$ sought out another option. It was then when he turned to his one true passion, hip-hop. DuseM’$ decided to hook up with his OG homie and local hustler, Reggie Cudahay (President of JustAFew Records.) Next, he recorded his first demo (16tracks) under the pseudonym ‘Desperado Angelino,’ and even auditioned and qualified for the “Budweiser’s Best In The West.”

With a plethora of unreleased tracks, the success of DuseM ‘$ constituents, and the multiple resources available, the dream is currently manifesting.



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