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TM4L Is A Florida Rap Group Turning Up & Turning Over A New Leaf (Interview)

TM4L Is A Florida Rap Group Turning Up & Turning Over A New Leaf (Interview)

Friday, 22 November 2019

TM4L AKA Touch Money For Life is a young and energetic down south crew coming for everything in 2020. With their new single “No Cap” catching some major headlines and the whole group being released and acquitted, TM4L sets out to flood the industry. With a unique story, TM4L is a Tarpon Springs based group to look out for, the raw and unique energy that they provide while spitting a story straight from their life is a rare vibe in todays rap industry. ‘No Cap’ and their story caught our ear and attention so we took the time to sit down with the talented up and coming rap group with a lot of potential.

Is “No Cap” the official debut? Or is there more must hear music from the group that fans need to hear?

‘No Cap’ is just a record to let the people know what we really bout in there plenty more music to be looking out for!

What is the message TM4L is looking to deliver?

Just be ya self everything else gone play out if you know you a real one yo action gone speak for its self and to give people something to vibe to and relate to because music be entertainment for a lot of people we just look at it as a way to vent with.

You all have a solid sound, what are the plans for the rest of 2019 going into 2020?

Yeah 4sho and we trying to Turn up an cause hell the rest of the year! to be real we trying get our foot in the door so we don’t plan on letting up

Is everyone from the group officially out?

Yeah everybody back out right now so we just tryna stay a float

What are all of your influences as far as music and life?

Ain’t nobody really influence us we was younger when all us started rapping as kids having fun with it & with life you know it’s a crazy experience you only get one so we just try to enjoy every moment

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Top 5 current Florida rappers?

US, Kodak, Melly, Rod Wave , Blizzem

Do you see yourselves taking over the Florida scene? How so? What do you all bring to the table that’s different?

I feel like we really could take over in be big in Florida everything authentic

“No Cap” is your most recent release, a strong DSP debut. What was it like to drop a new single and can you talk about the creation of that record?

‘No Cap’ is just something we put together being thru certain situations


Tune into TM4L on Instagram @TouchMoneyForLife and be sure to check their new single “No Cap”


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