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Riff Raff – Canberry Vampire (EP)

Riff Raff – Canberry Vampire (EP)

Monday, 04 November 2019
New Music

Well known indie recording artist Riff Raff is riding a wave with his new Chief Keef-featured single, “Floor Seats”. Accompanying the single is the long-awaited new album, titled, Canberry Vampire. Same ol’ Riff Raff, the popular artist delivers 12 brand new tracks that takes his sound to the next level.

Riff Raff on the new album:

“Going into this project we knew we had to make a body of work that would top Neon Icon, being that we got a larger budget to ensure that this effort was worth doing. So we decide to do that and then we did that. That’s how Cranberry Vampire was created.”

The album includes collaborations from Dirty Nasty, Brandon Bills, Topanga Jack, and Apol. Available now on Million Dollar Mullet Music, stream the new album now on Spotify.


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