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New Music: Joshua Cruz Ft. Dabron Kain – “2 Step Baby”

New Music: Joshua Cruz Ft. Dabron Kain – “2 Step Baby”

Thursday, 24 October 2019
New Music

Urban pop artist Joshua Cruz hits us with a groove infused track, “2 Step Baby,” featuring emerging rapper, Dabron Kain.

Produced by Shorne “2SC” Callahan (who’s worked with Tom G, Akafool and Anthony Ortiz), the beat is soulful, sensual and all-around funky. Dabron Kain delivers a tongue-in-cheek rap performance filled with quotable one-liners, matching perfectly with Josh’s catchy melodies.

“2 Step Baby” is a real throw-back to the early millennium style of hip-hop club songs where all you wanted to do was groove with the cutie next to you.

“I wanted to make a song that was current but still felt like it could have been played at your homecoming in ‘08, a song that you could party and dance to for years to come,” Joshua says. “If you had a playlist titled “A Night You Won’t Forget” this would be track one.”

Stream “2 Step Baby” now.


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