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Serius Jones Delivers Heartfelt “Money Love” Visual

Serius Jones Delivers Heartfelt “Money Love” Visual

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Lyricist Serius Jones is known far and wide for his title-winning battles, however the champ is back at creating new original music to share his gifts with fans. Jones’ latest single “Love Money” is inspired by events he described as a “real life hustle situation” in the video’s premiere with Sway’s Universe.

“Something I put my all into fell through and caused a lot of pain,” the New Jersey native explains. “When I heard the beat, it just sounded like how it felt… but refreshing. It came to me: ‘I feel in love with money, that was my first mistake, ’cause every time you don’t get it, then it’s heartbreak’.”

Watch “Money Love” below, and get the single on your favorite platform here:

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