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[Music Video] G1 – “Pull Up”

[Music Video] G1 – “Pull Up”

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

G1, also known as G1Junior, is a fast-rising new singer with a charismatic charm and hypnotizing sound. The Los Angeles-by-way-of-London recording artist makes his global debut with the release of the visual presentation, titled, “Pull Up”.

On the song’s concept, G1 says, “Just from being in the streets you have that 1 main person that’s like got ur back throughout everything no matter what and she keeps you motivated and u can pull up on her anytime through bad and good.”

Directed by Junior Jimenez, in the video, G1 is embroiled in an argument with his lover and trying to find the love that was blossomed early on in their courtship. G1 delivers slick harmony, perfect pitch melody and catchy romance. “Pull Up” is easily becoming one of the hottest new songs in R&B.

Of Jamaican-descent, G1’s style is different, unique, versatile and dripped up. Crediting his inspirations to Meek Mill, Drake and Chief Keef. Talented songwriter, industry insiders show a lot of promise as an emerging sound.

Stream it now, watch it now.


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