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New Music: VS Friz – “Wavy”

New Music: VS Friz – “Wavy”

Wednesday, 16 October 2019
New Music

Flint, Michigan-based rapper VS Friz is a charismatic new artist on the rise with a trendy persona and new street hit, titled, “Wavy”. Produced by Lowkey, the new song is a traditional upbeat flashy record about designer clothes and a whole lot on money to blow. Signature accent, VS Friz delivers a first-look at what is currently going on in very influential underground Hip Hop climate.

Lowkey and VS Friz have been very busy 2019. The two collaborated on Friz latest mixtape called 20-06. Along with “Wavy,” the project features breakout hits “Situation”, “Fell In Love” and “Rules”. Tired of that same ol’ 808 sing-a-long radio rap, Friz has the hangover cure for you right here.

Stream it below, for more news on VS Friz, follow the rising star on Instagram and Twitter.

Stream “Wavy” now.


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