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[Music Video] FTF Insane – “Way Up”

[Music Video] FTF Insane – “Way Up”

Thursday, 03 October 2019
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FTF Insane is one of those artists who comes every few decades. His artistry speaks for itself as he is creating a buzz with his single “Way Up” but his drive, vibe and aura is what separates him from the pack. The North Carolina native recently dropped the Shine Films visual of this single and its telling of the level of excellence that his label Feed The Family is headed towards. The quality of the video is above what we generally see with independent artists. FTF Insane credits his label and management for distinguishing him from everyone else. “We really go in over here and put everything into our brand and music. I really want my fans to be proud of my work because they’ve waited a long time,” said Insane.

Insane’s story is one that advocates on a “family first” mentality. His emergence in music is something indicative of defying adversity by way of persevering through life’s unprecedented hardships. One of his favorite songs on his upcoming EP is pain which captures the trials Insane has encountered. He went through losses but he is now looking up really way up.

After being subjected to a few unprecedented snags throughout his adolescent years, it was Insane’s innate ability to push forward that served as a catalyst to galvanize his irrefutable passion.

His favorable work ethic and unyielding drive to pursue his crusade of musical distinction has enabled Insane to become a staple within the next wave of emerging talent. From here on It’s Way Up.


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