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16 Year Old Lil X Talks “New Age Music”, Handling Success & School

16 Year Old Lil X Talks “New Age Music”, Handling Success & School

Tuesday, 01 October 2019

Texas native Lil X has been on a come up in 2019. The rapper continues to put in the work as he looks to cement himself a name in Texas and across the globe. With a strong run consisting of his “New Age Music” and videos, Lil X has compiled some large numbers across Youtube and all digital streaming platforms. With no signs of slowing down, the 16 year old rapper still makes time to go to school each day, take quizzes, tests, hang with his friends, play 2k and make music. If his hustle isn’t noteworthy enough, we suggest checking the artist out yourself below!


Where did the name Lil X come from?

Well I was writing music and I write close to everyday and I stubbled upon a beat that made me think about my life. I then decided to start taking music more seriously and I previously had a name Lil X Flex

Little for Lil skies and Lil Wayne. X for XXXtentacion and Flex for the song made by Lil Pump but then decided that for the better I cut it short. I find it was a new generation of my music.

What’s a normal day in the life of Lil X?

Well i wake up and go to school and don’t get out until four but after that I normally spend time with friends and family. Play some 2k and then normally after I start choosing a beat and write a song with it for around two to three hours sometimes less. After that I normally chill with my homie Miguel and then go to bed around 12.

Big plans for the rest of 2019? Fill us in

I have a lot of paths and different things I can do to shut off 2019 as my best year in the music industry. But for the most part I’m looking into labels to sign a full time contract with then maybe ill go on tour.

Your debut video for Galaxy and Bands All Done have received some significant recognition, how does it feel to be recognized by the masses?

It’s different, I have a couple big people texting me at the moment a lot has changed. My daily life is more surrounded by my music. And I can only see it growing to me more and more as I excel.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years (21)?

Well I have things in mind but the way I want to see myself in 5 years is making music for a living on tour all the time and defining who I am as an artist. I would like to say I will be working with high level producers and artists more than I have now.

Can we expect a project anytime soon?

I have been writing music nonstop and I might have a little something in the beginning of next year.

What style of hip hop do you think you portray?

I see myself portraying hip hop but right in the middle of mumble rap and lyrical rap. So if you like lyrical rap but hate mumble rap I might be an artist you would like.

To reach 100K+ streams on multiple releases at the age of 16 is a significant achievement. What’s to come next from Lil X in 2020?

Well there is a lot of people I should thank such as my management team. I do think it’s a great wall I have passed. Breaking through the hundreds of thousands was not easy but at the end my dedication has paid off. As far as 2020 I see myself excelling to the extent that I’m on tour and become a common artist in the hip-hop community. And I have a message to the community and that’s watch out, I’m coming.

Listen to Lil X new project titled, “New Kid on the Block” out now!


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