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New Jersey Has Some Promising Talent, @ChaseFetti Being One Of Them (Interview)

New Jersey Has Some Promising Talent, @ChaseFetti Being One Of Them (Interview)

Monday, 30 September 2019

If you aren’t already familiar, allow us to introduce you to Chase Fetti. The Cliffwood, NJ native is on route to providing a voice for New Jersey in a time of need. With Albee Al going through his own legal matters, it’s time for New Jersey to step up to the plate and hold the state down, Chase Fetti is here to provide just that. A talented artist, lyrically inclined, Chase Fetti gives a sense of reality to the music game as he depicts real life situations throughout the entirety of his music. We took some time out to sit down with Chase Fetti and allow him to shed some light on his craft, influences and life.

Where did the name come from?

When I was younger I would sell anything I could get my hands on… old head started calling me paper chase. As I got older I changed it to Chase Fetti.

For the people that don’t know, where are you from? What city/town to be exact?

Cliffwood, NJ!! I stayed all over Jersey tho. Asbury park, and Newark, NJ.

Describe your music in 3 words?

Witty, street, intriguing

For anyone unfamiliar, what record or video should they go check out first from you?

All of them! I been talking, the streets just had a hold on me so I wasn’t taking it serious

Biggest influences?

LIFE! 90s rap music period, it was so raw! It was culture. I fell in love

How long have you been creating music?

20 years, ever since I was a young G


Brazy is your latest single, what made you switch it up on this one (Sound wise)?

Just trying to show my the different sides of my craft

Top 5 favorite rappers of all time?

Jay Z, Jadakiss, Biggie Smalls, Nipsey Hussle, Prodigy

Is New Jersey a good scene to be in for music?

It’s actually terrible but Ima change that

What was it like coming up in New Jersey, more so where you are from?

A lot of drugs, gangs and violence! Spots was always a thing but the streets often blocked that option

Big plans for the rest of 2019? 2020?

Show the world what myself and my team have to offer


Take a listen to Chase Fetti latest single “Brazy” below. Follow him on all social media @ChaseFetti


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