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pre kai ro – “Baby Boy”

pre kai ro – “Baby Boy”

Friday, 27 September 2019
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“Baby Boy” by pre kai ro is about the complexity of balancing a turbulent artist lifestyle with some kind of committed relationship. Baby Boy’s lyrics are primarily from the woman’s perspective as she explains to the song’s protagonist how she never loved him for his music and despite his newfound fame and attention due to his career, she still wishes to return to how things were before he found success. Until then she remains lonely and waiting for him to come back to their city.

In related news, the Cairo, Egypt-native charted on Apple Music “Hot Tracks” a week ago with his single “King”. Leading to his latest single with 24HRS, titled, “Follow Me Home” produced and arranged by Saud. All while pre kai ro’s “Blink Twice” just hit 700K streams on Spotify and his single, “Cold” officially hit 2 million on Youtube.

Stream “Baby Boy,” produced by Don Fuego x Olsem now.


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