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[Music Video] Lucho Da Champ – “Hot One”

[Music Video] Lucho Da Champ – “Hot One”

Friday, 27 September 2019

West coast rapper, Lucho Da Champ, coins himself the Champ of All Trades for a very good reason. The Watts-native grew up on the Eastside (in the Nickerson Garden Projects). Being from L.A. he was heavily influenced by OFTB and Kam. His first official release is “Hot One” produced by Larry Jayy.

The video was directed by Al Profit, known for his popular curated American Dope Youtube channel. Al Profit also serves as his manager. Lucho has a lot on the horizon and has already been in the studio with Akon, offering up his creative energy. Lucho plans on bringing back the “west coast gangsta boogie” vibe and we’re here for it.

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