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New Music: Myke The Kid – “Alicia Keys”

New Music: Myke The Kid – “Alicia Keys”

Tuesday, 24 September 2019
New Music

The West Coast is bubbling with a new class of artists coming out of the city and making their mark, one of them being MYKE THE KID.

Hailing from middle of Georgia and now residing in San Diego California, Myke The Kid grew up in the church and was heavily influenced by the musical impact he experienced being a product of that environment. Myke has a conscious yet witty punch with his pen delivered over a southern rap/ west coast funk sound.

After working on his music the last four years and making a connection with creative music master Terrace Martin; Myke is gearing up to release his debut EP, “Smoke And Listen,” a project that is co-produced by Terrace Martin.

“Working with Terrace on this project has been an amazing experience, he’s challenged me to think outside the box and create something amazing with this upcoming EP,” said Myke.
Stream “Alicia Keys,” available now via iKonik Productions.


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