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Myles Lloyd – “Goodbye”

Myles Lloyd – “Goodbye”

Thursday, 05 September 2019
New Music

After earning his way on to the Spotify curated R&B favorites playlist, Canadian based artist Myles Lloyd returns with a new single called, “Goodbye”

Myles describes, “Goodbye” as an anthem for overcoming a relationship and being strong enough to move on. Finding out your significant other is cheating on you isn’t easy to deal with and this song goes out to the vulnerable people out there.

“Goodbye is about being vulnerable to wrong person. Finding out that they have someone on the side this whole time. Being done with the games, and daily basis sneakiness. It’s less of a revenge
song, and more of a meditative way to overcome the situation”. Myles explains

This track continues Myles tradition of working with his best friend frnch/hmwrk who produced his last single “Don Julio” Myles is set to drop his Project, 9/18. Myles describes his project as therapeutic, soothing, and very honest.


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