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Wealthy Robando – Expectations (EP)

Wealthy Robando – Expectations (EP)

Friday, 30 August 2019

Roaring back onto the West Coast forefront after his 2017 breakout with “B.I.T.F“. 110th Street-own Wealthy Robando enlists an all-star lineup of heavy hitters for his bold new album, properly-titled, Expectations.

Hailing from South Central, on the seven-track effort Robando shines with crisp wordplay, aggressive persona, and a whole lot of West Coast influenced bass. The rising star delivers a trendy bounce on breakout tracks like “High Roller,” “Boss Moves” and “Stay Down”. The DJ Mustard claps and beats emulate a signature sunny day in the beautiful West L.A. streets.

Expectations is the perfect jump-on point for any newly discovered fan of the new artist. On the making of Expectations, Robando says, “…There’s a lot that are gonna hate, and others that have faith.” If you love that classic 90s West Coast sound, Expectations is a must-hear for the El Cos and Low Lows.

Expectations is available now via Seebee HitWave.

Stream Expectations now.


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