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The Ou’Ri Cuatro’s Interview

The Ou’Ri Cuatro’s Interview

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Where did the name OuRi Cuatros come from?

Ou’Ri is the end of Missouri and I feel I’m vital to pinnacle of Missouri street rap. Cuatro’s is 4’s in Spanish and my favorite number. I had to reinvent myself as a person and artists after doing 14 months in the St Louis Justice Center.

Your new project is called Twin Dragons, what’s the meaning behind the project, potential alter egos etc?

Twin Dragons comes from my stage name Ou’Ri Cuatro’s and my alter ego Slick Ou’Ri with this project I decided to give supporters,fans and listener to decipher which is which one is mastero of the music the other is a trap rapper. I have also always had a fascination with martial arts and martial artists such Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Bruce Lee, etc.

If you could describe your music in a few words what would they be?

A few words to describe my music would be timeless, influential, art and an experience because with each project I aim to give fans, supporters and listeners an unique experience they can’t get anywhere else or again not even from me.

Plans for 2019?

Invest in myself until the opportunity comes to sign a partnership with a major label.

You have a new single out with one of the hottest artists out in DaBaby, how did that come to fruition and what was the creative process behind that?

I recorded “Bag Mode” Thursday night March 21st, I write everything and I been doing well for myself lately so “Bag Mode” just came to me like everything else. DaBaby was in the St Louis area doing a show at a local nightclub that Friday night March 22nd. The next morning Saturday March 23rd he stayed in the St Louis area and made IG story post about features so my manager hit his team and made it happen. DaBaby and his team met us at a local studio, we played a couple songs for him and chose to go in on “Bag Mode”. DaBaby knocked his verse out in less than 45 minutes no pen or pad and was truly a humble dude and world class guy it was dope working with him. I’m looking forward to working with him again and shooting the video for “Bag Mode” once it gains more traction.

Where are you from for the people that don’t know?

I’m the 4900 of Arlington in the Walnut Park/Mark Twain neighborhoods in North St Louis City.
Is your music heavily influenced by the area, artists or what exactly?
The biggest influences on my music is God, my lifestyle, my upbringing, my family and the people around me. I was well in tuned with popular culture when I was a youth so I may reference an artist, song, movie, tv show, actor, athlete and etc. in my music as well.

Growing up, what would we catch on your playlist?

Hot Boys, No Limit, Three 6ix Mafia, 8Ball & MJG, Michael Jackson, but the song that made me fall in love with music was Macarena.

What message are you looking to portray to people in your music?

The message I’m looking to portray in my music is the same as my label name meaning don’t be afraid to be yourself and recreate yourself as times as necessary to be the person you see yourself being.


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