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[Music Video] Burna Bandz – “At The Pot”

[Music Video] Burna Bandz – “At The Pot”

Monday, 29 July 2019
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19-year-old Toronto-native Burna Bandz is already building a loyal fan base with his music. His first release, “My Team,” garnered over one million streams on Spotify, and he quickly followed up with singles, “456,” and “No Favors.” His melodic Trap sound is infectious and Burna shows no signs of letting up, or slowing down.

Kicking off 2019, Burna unveiled his debut mixtape, “Compact Burna” fueled by lead single, “Beast Mode” – which has surpassed 2.5 million Spotify streams! As we hit the midway point of the Summer, and near the fourth quarter, Burna continues to campaign new music. Before we segue into August, the official video for “At The Pot,” is unveiled.

“At The Pot” is the first video off Burna’s upcoming mixtape, “North Boy,” and serves as a preview of what’s to come. Produced by SmokingProd, the upbeat tempo provides a fitting musical backdrop for all the Summer vibes. Burna runs through the track with his signature melodies and harmonies – a contrast to the bold production.

The video is directed by Orazio, and is an ode to Burna’s neighborhood, as it features scenes of his native stomping grounds.

Watch “At The Pot” Now.


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