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BriGuel Release Yet Another Fine Music Video  |  ‘Who Do You Wanna Be’

BriGuel Release Yet Another Fine Music Video | ‘Who Do You Wanna Be’

Friday, 21 June 2019
Music Videos

Briguel just released a brand new music video titled “Who Do You Wanna Be”, and continue their confident rise in the urban music scene with style, masterfully blending pop, Hip-Hop, rap, and electro into their signature sonic pattern. Known for their moving, inspiring deliveries, and artistic versatility, Briguel show off their creative talents and limitless imagination like never before on “Who Do You Wanna Be”. Raw and straightforward emotions figure huge in this track’s overall feel, and this near-perfect production act as an essential element for the perfect listening experience. The overall messages are finely tuned and open to listener’s interpretation, as Briguel emphasize on the importance of being in touch and aware of our flaws and traumas in order to surpass them and move on to bigger and brighter things. Have a listen for yourself and enjoy the powerful vocal performance of two of the most inspiring urban creators of their generation.

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