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Ruben Young feat. Terrell Morris – “Subtle Savage”

Ruben Young feat. Terrell Morris – “Subtle Savage”

Saturday, 15 June 2019
New Music

Steady rising Toronto-based modern soul artist Ruben Young releases his new single “Subtle Savage” featuring Terrell Morris from his forthcoming Dreamstate EP. Best known for his 2018 hit single “Rachel Green” featuring rapper Hodgy Beats from Odd Future, Young tag teams with fellow buzz artist Morris on a modern day anthem for the relationship weary. “It’s a song about being fed up after realizing you’ve been played by a girl you never expected it from,” explains Young, whose songwriting prowess led to him co-writing Juno Award winning vocalist Delaney Jane’s hit song “Psycho”. “She was subtle with her deception – you never saw it coming. Now that you know, you’re out and there’s no looking back.” Produced by Losh (Allan Rayman, Tobi), this catchy, mid-tempo, dance-friendly single has all the feels.


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