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[Music Video] Tanya Nolan ft. CMC Rich Kidd – “Come Harder”

[Music Video] Tanya Nolan ft. CMC Rich Kidd – “Come Harder”

Tuesday, 11 June 2019
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Tanya Nolan is one of the premier artists that is really taking over the music scene in the southwest region. When listening to her music, you hear nothing but realness with a hella lot of flavor and swag. The name of the new single is “Come Harder” which features CMC Rich Kidd and it is something to listen to. The video really brings the song to life, to the point that BET Jams picked it up.

With so much music being released in today’s time, Tanya Nolan is one of the soulful singers that really stands out among both the pop culture and real R&B culture which is making a serious comeback. Click the play button right now to watch the video. trust us when we tell you, its a game changer for real.

Watch “Come Harder” Now.


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